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12Mar Best Products for: Frizzy Hair

The Frizzy Hair Care Range Products and Brushes
Pictured: The Frizzy Hair Care Range

Here at ACCA KAPPA, we know how important it is to find the right products for your hair. So, with this in mind, we’re creating guides for every hair type. From the tools to the techniques we have you covered! Starting at the top with frizzy hair, a common struggle for many, see below some suggestions that are guaranteed to help you tame that mane.

The Tool

Best Brush for Styling: Thermo Natura Range

Ideal for dry, treated or frizzy hair the Thermo Natura range is made from 100% wild boar bristles. Similar in composition to the structure of the hair, the bristles do not affect the hydro-lipid balance of the hair ensuring a glossy and hydrated finish. Furthermore, coated in majolica (a type of ceramic) the barrel of the brush eliminates excessive temperatures ensuring hair is not left dry or damaged by styling.  

Available in small and medium.

The Thermo Natura Styling Brush by ACCA KAPPA (Small)
Pictured: The Thermo Natura Styling Brush by ACCA KAPPA (Small)


Best Brush for Daily Use: The Pneumatic Boar and Nylon Bristle Brush

Our Pneumatic Brush, made with Kotibé Wood and pure Boar and nylon bristles, is designed to stimulate the scalp and polish the hair shaft. Boar bristles are fantastic at removing trapped scale, dirt, dust and pollution from the hair whilst evenly distributing sebum adding sheen and volume. Ideal for medium and long hair, this anti-static brush is great to use between styles and for daily detangling thanks to the additional nylon monofilament.

The Pneumatic Kotibé Wood Oval Brush with Boar Bristle and Nylon Monofilament by ACCA KAPPA
Pictured: The Pneumatic Kotibé Wood Oval Brush with Boar Bristle and Nylon Monofilament by ACCA KAPPA


Best Brush for Products: The Shower Paddle

One of the best brushes for frizzy hair, the ACCA KAPPA shower brush is ideal for working products like conditioner and smoothing cream throughout the hair, ensuring the product is distributed evenly for maximum absorption. Thanks to the natural rubber cushion full of soft nylon filaments with resin covered tips, it gently works to delicately massage the scalp whilst avoiding the damaging effects of dry brushing.

The Shower Paddle Brush by ACCA KAPPA
Pictured: The Shower Paddle Brush by ACCA KAPPA

The Products

Green Mandarin Anti-Pollution Shampoo

Formulated with rich moisturizing and pollution-fighting active ingredients, the Green Mandarin Anti-frizz shampoo helps fight frizz and coarseness from the very first wash. Particularly suited for frizzy hair sensitive to humidity and polluting agents, the shampoo’s Moringa extract captures and surrounds impurities, sinking the particles to leave hair smooth and manageable.

Green Mandarin Anti-Pollution Conditioner

Completing the frizz and pollution-fighting care of the Green Mandarin Anti-frizz shampoo, this highly moisturising and nourishing conditioner leaves hair silky soft. Formulated with Linseed, the extract helps seal the hair cuticle, helping to prevent breakage and frizz for optimal growth. The conditioner also contains vitamins B and E for healthier and stronger looking hair.

Pictured: The Green Mandarin Shampoo and Conditioner by ACCA KAPPA
Pictured: The Green Mandarin Conditioner

The Treatment

Green Mandarin Smoothing Cream

A real miracle worker, this leave-in smoothing cream hydrates and protects the hair. Containing extracts of Moringa and Linseed oil, along with its anti-oxidant properties, the smoothing cream restores shine and softness whilst helping prevent split ends. Particularly suited for frizzy hair, the light and fast-absorbing formula makes hair easy to brush and style. A great protectant against pollution and UV damage.

The Green Mandarin Smoothing Cream by ACCA KAPPA
Pictured: The Green Mandarin Smoothing Cream

The Starter Kit

ACCA KAPPA frizzy hair starter kit

Our Frizzy Hair Starter Kits are now available!

The bundle gives you a savings of over 10% off the total price of all items, with a gentle detangling shower, brush and our sunny, bright Green Mandarin Shampoo, Conditioner and Smoothing Cream – all made specifically for frizz prone hair! Purchase the kit here.

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