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17May The History of Honey

How is Honey made?Honey starts as flower nectar collected by adult worker bees, which gets broken down into simple sugars which are then stored inside the honeycomb. The design of the honeycomb and constant fanning of the bees' wings causes evaporation, creating sweet golden honey.Did you know? All worker bees are… Read more

08Dec Cosy at Home Rituals

A welcoming soak to drive away the stress and chill of the day, a flickering candle and indulgent hand cream: sometimes it's the small everyday comforts that provide the biggest pleasures. Unpack the day with our cosy at home rituals guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, ready for… Read more

01Aug Protecting Against UV this Summer

Heatwaves, ice lollies and days by the sea: Summer is well and truly here! Whilst we all want that summer glow, it’s important to make sure you stay protected against the increased risk of UV and sun damage in the warmer months. Linked to risks of melanoma and skin cancer,… Read more

26Mar The ACCA KAPPA Hand Cream Collection

As regular, lengthy handwashing and harsh sanitisers have become commonplace in most of our day-to-day routines now so too, unfortunately, have sore cracked hands. Unable to distinguish between the skins natural balance of oils and waxes and unwanted oil, germs and dirt, soaps and sanitisers are, unfortunately, very good at… Read more

05Oct How to Care for your Hands

Now, more than ever and to help you stay healthy, it is essential to develop the correct hand-washing habits and take care of your hands. Beset by a whole plethora of information and choice, knowing where to start can be quite a difficult decision, however, we are here to help!… Read more

31Jul Common Summer Skin Woes and How to Solve Them

Excess sun exposure, harmful UV rays and sun cream blocked pores- the summer can wreak havoc on the delicate balance of our skin. Often leading to sunburn, heat rash or dry skin we decided to go through some of the most common summer skin woes and how, most importantly, to… Read more

29Jul The Benefits of Natural Deodorant

Created using naturally active ingredients, free of heavy metals and alcohol, the ACCA KAPPA deodorant range is a great choice for those wishing to make the switch from artificial antiperspirants - but what exactly are the benefits of this swap? Falling into two major categories, aluminium free deodorant and antiperspirants,… Read more

22Jan Introducing: The Natural Skincare Routine

A complete treatment for cleansing and care, the ultra-rich natural skincare range by ACCA KAPPA helps the skin to appear well-hydrated, bright and elastic. Particularly suited for dry and mature skin types, the ultra-rich formula uses nourishing Argan and jojoba oil to help fight dryness and fine lines.  Not to… Read more