03Sep The Benefits of Scalp Stimulation

What was the thing you missed most about going to the hair salon during lockdown? Getting those roots lightened or darkened? That smart post-cut, post-styled feeling? Maybe it was the chat and the chance to simply sit for an hour so with no chores staring at you.If  the oh-so heavenly… Read more

02Sep How to: Clean your Hairbrush

Like all beauty tools, hairbrushes can quickly become dirty with repeated use and, whilst we may remember to clean our make up brushes, hairbrushes are often ignored in our cleaning routines. Effectively redepositing any build-up back onto your scalp and hair, an uncleaned hairbrush can make the hair appear greasier.… Read more

26Aug Best Products for: Oily or Dandruff Prone Scalp

Essential to glossy, healthy hair the sebum produced by your scalp can sometimes, unfortunately, also be responsible for leaving your hair oily and limp. Excess sebum production can often weigh down roots and result in an itchy, dandruff prone scalp. Often a cyclical problem, oily hair can be a little… Read more

31Jul Common Summer Skin Woes and How to Solve Them

Excess sun exposure, harmful UV rays and sun cream blocked pores- the summer can wreak havoc on the delicate balance of our skin. Often leading to sunburn, heat rash or dry skin we decided to go through some of the most common summer skin woes and how, most importantly, to… Read more

29Jul The Benefits of Natural Deodorant

Created using naturally active ingredients, free of heavy metals and alcohol, the ACCA KAPPA deodorant range is a great choice for those wishing to make the switch from artificial antiperspirants - but what exactly are the benefits of this swap? Falling into two major categories, aluminium free deodorant and antiperspirants,… Read more

24Jul The Mandarin & Green Tea Range

Full of summer vibrance, one of ACCA KAPPA’s newest fragrances - Mandarin & Green Tea - has recently expanded to include a sparkling and fresh body care collection. An invigorating and tangy fragrance, the Mandarin & Green Tea range celebrates the bright encounter between Green Tea and the essential oils… Read more

02Jul Bouncy Styling for Shorter Hair with Ali Bailey

A fashion model for over 15 years who is regularly seen on QVC, and boasting an Instagram following of over 24k at the time of writing this, Ali Bailey is admired for her natural and joyful style. She is also a mum of two and shares fabulous tips on hairstyling… Read more

02Jul Best Products for: Curly Hair

Pictured (from left to right): The Best products for Curly hair, featuring the ACCA KAPPA Shower Paddle, the ACCA KAPPA Extension brush, Pro Fashion Z7, the Beechwood wide tooth comb, White Moss Repair Serum and the Curly Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.Celebrating curly hair of all kinds, our next hair guide… Read more

25Jun SAKURA Splendour

Tokyo in Spring is a city embraced by Mother Nature, where the beautiful cherry blossom also known as Sakura is a welcome harbinger for warmer days. Visitors flock to see canopies of pink blooms in all their splendour. Their fragrance is soft and sweet with a pretty powderiness that has… Read more

14Jun Men’s Self-Care & Q&A with Head Barber Elliot Forbes

Following the temporary closure of barbershops because of the Covid-19 pandemic Elliot Forbes, head barber at MÜHLE Treatment Space in Carnaby, London, has been releasing self-care tips for men on IGTV. He spoke with ACCA KAPPA UK about why self-care is so important for men, his feel-good lockdown routine, hair… Read more