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06May Best products for: Coloured hair

After emerging renewed from the salon, there’s nothing worse than watching your fresh colour wash away down the drain. With most shampoos designed to clean hair of oil and dirt, unless you have the right product, you can also inadvertently end up stripping the hair of its dye too. Designed… Read more

26Mar The ACCA KAPPA Hand Cream Collection

As regular, lengthy handwashing and harsh sanitisers have become commonplace in most of our day-to-day routines now so too, unfortunately, have sore cracked hands. Unable to distinguish between the skins natural balance of oils and waxes and unwanted oil, germs and dirt, soaps and sanitisers are, unfortunately, very good at… Read more

09Mar The 2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Soon upon us, Mother’s Day this year is a little earlier than normal (March the 14th in fact!) and if you’ve been caught a little off guard by this fact… well you’re not the only one. Bursting with gifts set to provide you with all the last-minute inspiration you’ll need,… Read more

05Mar The Benefits of a Great Hair Brush

Long-lasting and crafted from exceptional materials, the benefits of a great hairbrush should never be underestimated. Whilst hair products, styling and colourings usually take centre stage in our hair care routines, it is important to remember the difference a quality brush can make in terms of both our hairs appearance… Read more

03Feb The Calycanthus Collection

Blossoming in the depths of Italian winter, the pale, gold Calycanthus flower defies the ice-cold winter air, bringing fragrance, colour and hope with it. One of the most comprehensive collections at ACCA KAPPA, the Calycanthus Range compromises of both fragrance and body care. Focusing on naturally active ingredients, the Calycanthus… Read more

08Jan ACCA KAPPA's Historical Toothbrush Collection

Hand-cut milled and shaped from acetate, then infused with bundles of pure bristles or nylon our stunning collection of Historical Toothbrushes are presented in three eye-catching styles, bringing elegance to your bathroom and joy to your oral care routine. The tips of each tuft are rounded to protect tooth enamel,… Read more

08Jan The ACCA KAPPA Natural Toothpaste Collection

Breathing fresh life into the new year, the ACCA KAPPA Fluoride-Free Toothpaste collection uses only naturally active ingredients. Featuring Fluoride-Free formulas, the range follows the principles of the ACCA KAPPA beauty range and its emphasis on carefully selected plant-based ingredients. Although preferred by some, fluoride-free toothpaste can be a great… Read more

03Dec ACCA KAPPA at MÜHLE Store London

MÜHLE Store London on Newburgh in CarnabyWe are delighted to announce that  MÜHLE Store London are now carrying a selection of ACCA KAPPA hairbrushes, fragrances, as well as our Barbershop and Oral Care ranges in their newly launched multi-brand section.Multibrand section at MÜHLE Store with ACCA KAPPAThe store has re-opened just… Read more

03Dec Making a Festive Home!

As we prepare for Christmas, more and more of us are spending extra time at home. Whether it be bedding down to watch cosy Christmas films or hosting close friends and family, indulging in a few additional home luxuries can help create that fuzzy festive feeling. Hoping to add a… Read more

25Nov Christmas 2020: Gifts for Her

This year, more than ever, we’re all in need of some feel-good Christmas cheer. As we release fairy lights from lofts and pull together our shopping lists many of us will be looking forward to the holiday season – welcoming the joyful break that it represents.But like every year, things… Read more