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07Oct The New Beauty Must-Have: Hair Perfume

The perfect pick-me-up for autumn tousled hair, the White Moss hair perfume is a delightful way to explore our most iconic fragrance. Tending to last much longer than regular fragrances, hair perfumes allow you to layer your scent, leaving you smelling exquisite all day. The icing on the cake? Similar… Read more

09Sep The Language of Scent

A classification system the perfume industry has used for years, every scent belongs to its own ‘olfactory family’ based on its most dominant characteristics. Difficult to define, it is generally accepted that there are seven distinct families- from floral to chypre to orientals we all have our favourites and, whether… Read more

27Aug Artistic Aromatic Atmosphere Collection

Creating beautiful scent-scapes of fragrance, the artistic aromatic atmosphere collection by Acca Kappa weaves stories of experience and imagination for an exceptional home fragrance collection. Formed from five unique scents, each has its own personality and story, exploring the paths where art and nature interweave for five memorable olfactory experiences.… Read more

05Aug Common Summer Hair Woes and How to Solve Them

Endless frizz, chlorine damaged colour and limp locks- just as the warmer months can play havoc with our skin, it can also make our hair more difficult to manage. Exploring some of the most common summer hair woes, see below as we list some of the best remedies to help… Read more

02Jul EYE: The Eco-Sustainable Collection

Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, the new sustainable range by Acca Kappa has been designed with an EYE to the future of our planet. Inspired by the emotive image of a child’s eye as it observes the Earth polluted and burning, the drawing by Federico (age 11) has become the logo… Read more

07Jun The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Collection

Fragranced with invigoratingly fresh peppermint, the Barbershop collection is one of ACCA KAPPA’s most extensive ranges and features a whole host of treatments: From beard and haircare to shaving products and styling gels. Enriched with natural extracts, the collection’s key ingredient Peppermint makes for a refreshing and restorative experience, an… Read more

27May Introducing: Volata Eau de Parfum

Acca Kappa’s newest eau de parfum, the official fragrance of Giro d’Italia, captures the soulfulness of the ‘Bel Paese’ and the electric intensity of true gritFounded in 1909, the Giro d’Italia (literally translating to the ‘Tour of Italy’) is one of the three most important cycling races in the world… Read more

06May Best products for: Coloured hair

After emerging renewed from the salon, there’s nothing worse than watching your fresh colour wash away down the drain. With most shampoos designed to clean hair of oil and dirt, unless you have the right product, you can also inadvertently end up stripping the hair of its dye too. Designed… Read more

26Mar The ACCA KAPPA Hand Cream Collection

As regular, lengthy handwashing and harsh sanitisers have become commonplace in most of our day-to-day routines now so too, unfortunately, have sore cracked hands. Unable to distinguish between the skins natural balance of oils and waxes and unwanted oil, germs and dirt, soaps and sanitisers are, unfortunately, very good at… Read more

09Mar The 2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Soon upon us, Mother’s Day this year is a little earlier than normal (March the 14th in fact!) and if you’ve been caught a little off guard by this fact… well you’re not the only one. Bursting with gifts set to provide you with all the last-minute inspiration you’ll need,… Read more