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11Nov Introducing: Šfarìa

Designed in an exclusive collaboration with Fondazione Cortina 2021, the organizer of the Alpine World Ski Championships, follow the trail of Šfarìa to the undisputed queen of the dolomites: Cortina d’Ampezzo. Home to striking panoramas, nature reserves and national parks the unique landmark has become renowned as a cradle of… Read more

27Aug Artistic Aromatic Atmosphere Collection

Creating beautiful scent-scapes of fragrance, the artistic aromatic atmosphere collection by Acca Kappa weaves stories of experience and imagination for an exceptional home fragrance collection. Formed from five unique scents, each has its own personality and story, exploring the paths where art and nature interweave for five memorable olfactory experiences.… Read more

02Jul EYE: The Eco-Sustainable Collection

Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, the new sustainable range by Acca Kappa has been designed with an EYE to the future of our planet. Inspired by the emotive image of a child’s eye as it observes the Earth polluted and burning, the drawing by Federico (age 11) has become the logo… Read more

07Jun The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Collection

Fragranced with invigoratingly fresh peppermint, the Barbershop collection is one of ACCA KAPPA’s most extensive ranges and features a whole host of treatments: From beard and haircare to shaving products and styling gels. Enriched with natural extracts, the collection’s key ingredient Peppermint makes for a refreshing and restorative experience, an… Read more

27May Introducing: Volata Eau de Parfum

Acca Kappa’s newest eau de parfum, the official fragrance of Giro d’Italia, captures the soulfulness of the ‘Bel Paese’ and the electric intensity of true gritFounded in 1909, the Giro d’Italia (literally translating to the ‘Tour of Italy’) is one of the three most important cycling races in the world… Read more

03Feb The Calycanthus Collection

Blossoming in the depths of Italian winter, the pale, gold Calycanthus flower defies the ice-cold winter air, bringing fragrance, colour and hope with it. One of the most comprehensive collections at ACCA KAPPA, the Calycanthus Range compromises of both fragrance and body care. Focusing on naturally active ingredients, the Calycanthus… Read more

25Sep The New Soap Collection!

Top-level craftsmanship and cutting-edge formulas, the new ACCA KAPPA soap collection is created using natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter, sweet almond oil and rice starch for an even more nourishing, moisturizing and soothing effect. Featuring enchanting new fragrances, the soaps are all hand-made from pure vegetable oils and… Read more

24Jul The Mandarin & Green Tea Range

Full of summer vibrance, one of ACCA KAPPA’s newest fragrances - Mandarin & Green Tea - has recently expanded to include a sparkling and fresh body care collection. An invigorating and tangy fragrance, the Mandarin & Green Tea range celebrates the bright encounter between Green Tea and the essential oils… Read more

25Jun SAKURA Splendour

Tokyo in Spring is a city embraced by Mother Nature, where the beautiful cherry blossom also known as Sakura is a welcome harbinger for warmer days. Visitors flock to see canopies of pink blooms in all their splendour. Their fragrance is soft and sweet with a pretty powderiness that has… Read more