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07Nov Made-to-Share Fragrances

What makes a scent feminine or masculine? How are some fragrances able to transcend these boundaries and have unisex appeal? With an increasingly diverse approach to gender identity in general and scent gender identity specifically, the best and simplest answer is probably that the interpretation of a fragrance is very… Read more

03May Fragrance Mood Boosters

It’s no secret that our sense of smell has a huge impact on how we feel; connecting directly to the most primal and emotional part of the brain, this invisible sense can draw on fragrant plants, flowers and essential oils to boost happiness, relaxation and focus and even help activate… Read more

06Sep How to: Read a Perfume

Picking a fragrance can be an intimidating process, so here at ACCA KAPPA, we intend to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the fragrances they love. As a small introduction into understanding the complexity of a scent, this blog will hopefully help breakdown the intricacy of… Read more