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27Jan The Most Romantic Fragrance Notes

One of the most romantic gifts you can buy, fragrances have long been associated with love. Some more alluring than others, when it comes to romantic perfumes, it's all in the notes! Whether it be freshly-cut flowers, vanilla or enticing musk Perfumers include a variety of scents to achieve their… Read more

02Dec Winter Fragrances

Woody, deep and spiced: many of us prefer warmer scents for the winter months. Usually longer-lasting, wave goodbye to fresh summer florals and breathe deeply as comforting notes of vanilla, amber and spiced sandalwood drift from your favourite cosy jumper.Whether it be a feminine or masculine fragrance or even a… Read more

07Oct The New Beauty Must-Have: Hair Perfume

The perfect pick-me-up for autumn tousled hair, the White Moss hair perfume is a delightful way to explore our most iconic fragrance. Tending to last much longer than regular fragrances, hair perfumes allow you to layer your scent, leaving you smelling exquisite all day. The icing on the cake? Similar… Read more

09Sep The Language of Scent

A classification system the perfume industry has used for years, every scent belongs to its own ‘olfactory family’ based on its most dominant characteristics. Difficult to define, it is generally accepted that there are seven distinct families- from floral to chypre to orientals we all have our favourites and, whether… Read more

07Nov Made-to-Share Fragrances

What makes a scent feminine or masculine? How are some fragrances able to transcend these boundaries and have unisex appeal? With an increasingly diverse approach to gender identity in general and scent gender identity specifically, the best and simplest answer is probably that the interpretation of a fragrance is very… Read more

03May Fragrance Mood Boosters

It’s no secret that our sense of smell has a huge impact on how we feel; connecting directly to the most primal and emotional part of the brain, this invisible sense can draw on fragrant plants, flowers and essential oils to boost happiness, relaxation and focus and even help activate… Read more

06Sep How to: Read a Perfume

Picking a fragrance can be an intimidating process, so here at ACCA KAPPA, we intend to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the fragrances they love. As a small introduction into understanding the complexity of a scent, this blog will hopefully help breakdown the intricacy of… Read more