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06Mar International Women’s Day: Q&A with Elisa Gera

In celebration of this coming International Women’s day (8th of March) we decided to reach out to ACCA KAPPA’S inspiring CEO, Elisa Gera, to find out a little more about the brand’s history, progression and current challenges. Pictured: Elisa Gera at the ACCA KAPPA head offices. Q&A with Elisa Gera Q. Now CEO… Read more

10Oct A Special Evening with ACCA KAPPA, 150 year Anniversary Event

Beauty is in the Details On Sept 27th 2019 ACCA KAPPA celebrated its 150 year anniversary in the grounds of their beautiful old factory in Treviso. The event was characteristically marked by creativity, beauty, and an easy elegance that comes naturally to a company of ‘makers’ who have been infusing everyday… Read more

08Oct An Italian Legend of Beauty; ACCA KAPPA celebrates 150 years

Acca Kappa, an historic brand of excellence, creating professional brushes, hair care products, unique fragrances and body care collections, celebrated their 150th Anniversary at the end of September 2019,  in the grounds of their beautiful, old factory in Treviso. The celebration was a tribute to the story of a company… Read more