Best Products for Oily or Dandruff Prone Scalp

Best Products for Oily or Dandruff Prone Scalp

Essential to glossy, healthy hair the sebum produced by your scalp can sometimes, unfortunately, also be responsible for leaving your hair oily and limp. Excess sebum production can often weigh down roots and result in an itchy, dandruff prone scalp. Often a cyclical problem, oily hair can be a little tricky to deal with at times. Whilst reaching for the shampoo bottle every day may seem like a simple solution, over-washing can in fact lead to increased sebum production as the scalp attempts to rebalance its natural oils. Further irritating the scalp, over-washing can also lead to dehydrated and split ends as the oil is repeatedly stripped from the hair’s length. Focusing on redistribution and rebalancing, our newest hair guide explores some of the best products to help soothe itchy scalps and control oil production to leave hair rejuvenated!

The Tools

Best Brush for Styling: The Pro Fashion Range

Often a nemesis for curly hair, dry brushing can cause damage and destroy natural bouncy curls. Made from natural bristle tufts reinforced with heat-resistant black nylon, the PRO FASHION range provides the perfect way to style curls whilst gently restoring shine. With a molecular composition similar to that of hair, the brushes do not alter the delicate hydrolipidic balance of the hair’s structure making ideal for thick or curly hair. The thicker bristle field of the PRO FASHION range guarantees uniform drying and smooth finishes keeping hair healthy and hydrated. Complete with a matte finish for the perfect anti-slip grip, the wooden handles are super lightweight.

ACCA KAPPA Pro Fashion Styling Brush - Bristle and Reinforced Nylon

The Pro Fashion Styling Brush by ACCA KAPPA available in small & medium


Best Daily Brush: Pneumatic Pure Bristle

Ideal for daily use, this Pure Bristle brush helps to remove and distribute oil so that roots appear less greasy. Adding sheen and volume, the natural bristles work the scalp’s sebum down the length of the hair keeping it healthy and hydrated. Also helping to remove any trapped scale, dirt or pollution from the scalp the gentle natural rubber cushion ensures a gentle touch alleviating any irritation. Complete with a high number of natural bristle bunches, the brush is great even for long hair.

For thicker hair, this brush is also available with Nylon Mono-filaments that help penetrate and detangle!

The Kotibe Wood Pure Bristle Oval Brush by ACCA KAPPA

The ACCA KAPPA Classic Oval Pure Bristle Brush, made from hand-finished Kotibé wood


Best Shower Brush: Airy 2

Stimulating the microcirculation of the scalp, the Airy 2 is great at helping to remove any trapped build-up on the scalp. With innovative bi-level soft pins, Airy No. 2 gently untangles whilst the flexible trident distributes pressure evenly across the scalp. Suitable for all hair types, even the most delicate, the brush is also ideal for distribution any shampoo or treatments in the shower. The brush is easily cleaned and is a great tool for ensuring optimum scalp health.

Airy No.2 with Bi Level Nylon Pins

ACCA KAPPA Airy No.2 with Bi Level Nylon Pins

The Products & Treatment

The Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo

A targeted treatment that helps rebalance the scalp whilst hydrating hair, the Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo has been formulated with natural active ingredients specifically with oily scalps in mind. Containing Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Sage, the extracts help to regulate sebum secretion by removing excess sebum and deeply cleansing the scalp, keeping hair cleaner for longer. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory, astringent and antimicrobial properties of Sage make the shampoo ideal for helping to treat irritated scalps and dandruff. Strengthening and nourishing, Aloe Vera adds vitality leaving hair naturally beautiful.

The Balancing & Refreshing Scalp Exfoliating Mask

Designed to exfoliate the scalp, this Balancing & Refreshing Scalp Exfoliating Mask has been formulated with propolis to cleanse and sanitise. Helping to reduce itchiness, dandruff and flaking the antimicrobial properties of propolis helps regulate sebum, restoring an ideal hydrolipidic balance for a cleaner scalp. Hair is left shiny, healthy and clean! We recommend using the mask after washing hair with the Refreshing & Balancing shampoo. Apply directly to the scalp and leave a few minutes before rinsing. 

The Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo and Scalp Exfoliating Mask by ACCA KAPPA

The Balancing & Refreshing Shampoo and Scalp Exfoliating Mask by ACCA KAPPA


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