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ACCA KAPPA Historical Classic Brown Toothbrush


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Celebrating 150 years of history, quality and luxury, the Historical range of toothbrushes are created using the same detailed hand-crafted methods of production that were established when ACCA KAPPA first began.

Each toothbrush is hand-cut, milled and hand-shaped, from acetate, then infused with bundles of pure bristles or nylon. The tips of each tuft are rounded to protect tooth enamel, maximize cleaning efficiency and gently massage the gums.

Presented in three vibrant patterns and styles, these eye-catching toothbrushes are hard to miss. An exciting addition to anyone’s bathroom.

Available in soft and medium top-quality nylon, or soft and medium pure white bristles.

ACCA KAPPA Historical Classic Brown Toothbrush
ACCA KAPPA Historical Toothbrush Collection
ACCA KAPPA Historical Black & White Toothbrush

Luxury Oral Care

Creating exquisite beauty tools for more than 150 years.

Historical toothbrushes Acca Kappa

ACCA KAPPA presents an exclusive collection of stylish and top-notch toothbrushes.

Designed along the lines of classic sketches retrieved in the firm’s historical archives, they feature technological enhancements to combine style and functionality.