Barbershop Collection by Acca Kappa

The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Collection

Fragranced with invigoratingly fresh peppermint, the Barbershop collection is one of ACCA KAPPA’s most extensive ranges and features a whole host of treatments: From beard and haircare to shaving products and styling gels. Enriched with natural extracts, the collection’s key ingredient Peppermint makes for a refreshing and restorative experience, an energizing addition to your daily rituals and routines.

The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Collection

The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Collection for Men

The Shaving Collection

Complete with Transparent Shaving Gel, Shaving Soap and Vitamin Enriched Aftershave Balm.

Fantastic for achieving sharp lines and second passes, the ACCA KAPPA Transparent Shaving Gel allows you to see exactly where you’re shaving. Ensuring a close comfortable shave, the shaving gel contains witch-hazel and chamomile for a soothing, moisturising experience: free from irritation and redness. More of a traditionalist? No problem! Ideal for direct lathering and storing, the Barbershop Shaving Soap is presented in a neat metal tin, ensuring the soap is kept fresh in between shaves. Providing a thick, creamy lather the soap has a high concentration of glycerine which simultaneously moisturises and allows the blade to glide smoothly over the skin.

ACCA KAPPA Transparent Shaving Gel

The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Collection Transparent Shaving Gel, 125ml

As moisturising as any shaving product can be, shaving of any kind can be a trauma to the skin, so it’s always a good idea to follow up with a nourishing post-shave balm or lotion. Formulated using Argan and Wheat Germ Oil, the Vitamin-Enriched Aftershave Balm nourishes and soothes encouraging the skin to heal post-shave, restoring and regenerating for long-term protection. Helping eliminate shine, the balm is fragranced with natural peppermint oil adding a zing of freshness to any shave routine!

The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Vitamin-enriched Aftershave Balm

The ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Vitamin-enriched Aftershave Balm

The Beard and Moustache Collection

Complete with Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner, Beard Serum, Moustache Wax and Beard Brushes.

Providing targeted treatments that nourish, soften and tame Moringa extract is undoubtedly the star-ingredient of the beard range. Renowned for its anti-pollution properties, the oil (similar to olive oil) captures impurities and surrounds them with flocks that then sink, washing away with the water for a sparkling clean finish. Featured in the Beard Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum, Moringa extract helps leave hair soft and healthy for a thick, full and well-groomed beard. Not only great for hair, the beard range has also been designed to be ultra-gentle on skin too. Formulated with both argan and linseed oil, the leave-in beard serum is especially nourishing, hydrating the skin as it tames and smooths hair.

Acca Kappa Barber Shop Beard Serum

The Acca Kappa Barber Shop Beard Serum

The Hair Care Collection

Complete with Men’s Shampoo, Gel Wax, Matt Wax and Water Wax

Formulated with wheat proteins, the Barbershop Shampoo for Men is undoubtedly the essential must-have of the hair care collection. Unique in its film-forming action, the shampoo helps to protect, strengthen and prevent hair breakages. Featuring menthol for an invigorating and refreshing experience, the shampoo also contains Ginseng which boasts an effective stimulating action, improving hair growth and delaying loss.

And for a finishing look, choose from our three waxes to find your perfect hold and style...

  • Styling Water Wax: Medium hold and high shine, this wax is perfect for creating vintage looks. The wax can also be combined with Gel Wax for a stronger hold.
  • Styling Matte Finish Wax: Strong hold and matt finish, the finishing wax is great for styling as well as creating messier textured looks. Non-greasy and washes out easily.
  • Styling Gel Wax: Extreme hold and excellent for creating highly structured looks that last. Also recommended for curly hair.


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